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What's Free (and What's Not)

Are you the proprietor of a place where goods and/ or services are sold to the general public? If so then why not signup for a FREE MyPlaceTimes account.

With a MyPlaceTimes account you can put up as little or as much information as you like. Just your Basic Info. (Place Name, Type and Address) is sufficient to get up and running.

Putting information on (adding content to) MyPlaceTimes is FREE in order to encourage as many proprietors as possible to signup.

We also offer 'Added Value Services', this includes Online Ordering and Website Development. For more information about what we offer please see below.

Free For You to Enter / Manage online
Basic Details
- Name, Address (including Postcode) and Telephone Number.
Food / Cuisine Type
- E.g. Italian, Halal, Kebabs etc. (If applicable to your Place Type)
Place / Service Type
- E.g. Restaurant, TakeAway, Cafe etc.
Place Pictures
- Load one or more pictures of your Place up for all to see.
Payment Details
- Indicate those payment methods that you accept, including charges and conditions.
Mobile Services
- Under Mobile Services you are able to enter details of any Delivery Service, Callout Service and/ or Pickup and Dropoff Service, that you offer. The options available are taylored to the type of place you are the proprietor of.
Link to Map
- Allows customers to see your location on a map. (UK only)
- Enter on your Opening Times, Delivery Times, Closed Periods (Holiday, Refurbishment, Flooding!) etc. The door shows your customers (at a glance) whether you are open or closed. More...
Price Lists (Text Based or PDF)
- Maintain multiple Price Lists online. Upload a PDF or use our new Price List Builder to enter information directly into the MyPlaceTimes site. More...
- Keep your customers informed. Simply type your Announcement in and say when (from date to date) you want it to appear. Hey presto... your Announcement appears (and disappears) when you want.
- Whether your Event takes place every week e.g. Bar Quiz or is a one off, MyPlaceTimes.com can let your customers know.
- Let your customers know what Deals are on offer and when.
Added Value Services
Online Ordering
- Allow your customers to quickly and easily place _orders with you through MyPlaceTimes. Charged per Order.
Online Bookings
- Limit Numbers by using our Online Booking facility. Charged per Booking. More...
- Advertise within FoodBookers / MyPlaceTimes. Charged per referral.
Link to Your Website
- Subject to our agreement we allow you to provide a link to your own website. This is currently FREE.
Website Development
- We can develop (Power) a website for you. Price is subject to quotation / agreement. More...
How do You Pay?
By Post:Cheques accepted by Post.
Online:Coming soon online payments!